Setting your Expectations when Transitioning to Natural Living

This post is so honest and down to Earth, check it out!

The Goree Truth


So you’ve decided that you want to live “naturally”. You want to incorporate homemade cleaning and beauty products into your life. You want to cut back on artificial fragrances, colors, and flavors. You are ready to go all in and get rid of anything that you see as unnatural. You are expecting all of these changes to completely transform your life. You are ready to live like Adam and Eve, your life will be as beautiful and free as it would be if we were back in Eden.

Then you try your first homemade product…and it sucks. Now, you have watched tons of natural youtube videos, you’ve got your own Natural Products page on pinterest. You are completely committed to this new life, you heard of how this DIY project made your friends everything more filled with joy and sparkles. So you are going to stay the course. You try…

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