Why use natural beauty products?


Everyone I talk to about switching to a greener life asks me why. I never really know what to say. It just makes sense to me to use things that the planet has already provided.

Pantene ingredients

Pantene ingredients

My main reason – When you use regular store bought soaps, lotions, cleaning supplies,etc, how many of the ingredients are you actually familiar with? Or even pronounce? Probably about two, Right? Water and alcohol. How many do you actually know where they come from? Probably none. First of all, I don’t feel comfortable putting things on my body that I have never even heard of. Second, your skin is your largest organ and unlike your digestive system, it doesn’t have a liver or acids to break down any unfamiliar substances. So when you put man-made chemicals on your body it is actually MORE dangerous than eating pesticides. It is scary to think about but after tons of research, it all makes sense to me.

Not only are natural recipes better for you and your health, they are cheaper. Yes, the essential oils and other ingredients cost more upfront, BUT they go a long way. There are approximately 250 drops of essential oils in a 15 ml bottle and you only use about 10-20 drops per recipe. That is about 4%-8% of your bottle, equaling out to about $1.50. (this calculation was done with a $25 essential oil, the cost will vary depending on the oil) Same with all of the other ingredients that you use, you only use a fraction of what you bought for one DIY and there is ALWAYS another recipe that uses some of the same ingredients.

These are just a few of the reasons that I decided to switch to a more natural life, one step at a time. If you are interested in buying any essential oils, or don’t have time to make these products on your own time, contact me and I will hook you up.

Also, if you have any questions feel free to email me at britmit2015@gmail.com

Comment your favorite recipes and oils so I can check them out!

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My First Encounter


The thing that sucked me into using essential oils were the oils themselves. If you are skeptical, just try one of the oils and I promise that you will see the benefits right away. The oil that got me? Lavender. Not only does it smell phenomenal but it benefits everyone in your house – even your furry friends!

The first thing I used lavender for was to help me sleep. I have always struggled falling asleep at night; tossing and turning until the sun comes up and chugging coffee when my alarm goes off. Literally. I simply rubbed 2 drops on the back of my neck and instantly felt calm and ready for bed. Now I use lavender every night before bed.

After lavender proved it was really calming I decided to try it on other things. A couple days later we had a pool day at my house. Sometimes, no matter how much sunscreen you put on, you burn. It’s inevitable for me. My face, chest and shoulders ALWAYS burn. Not only did I turn the color of a tomato, but my boyfriend got bit by a horsefly – it was a rough day at our house. So here we are, me burnt to a crisp and him with a bump the size of a golf ball on his eye. What do I do? Grab for my essential oils and pull out lavender. Lavender is also known for soothing skin irritations. I put 1 drop directly on my boyfriend’s bite and a couple drops on my burn, rubbed it in and waited. Within 30 minutes the swelling on his eye had gone down. And my sunburn was gone within a day. (with 3 applications of lavender).

By this point I was convinced lavender was God sent. But I didn’t stop there.

rettaI saw on pinterest that you could use essential oils on your pets so I decided to try it. I have a pit bull who is a year old. Anyone who knows anything about terriers know that they are ALWAYS bouncing off the walls. I made a solution that was simply water and a few drops of lavender to soak her collar in over night. I laid it out to dry for a few hours the next day and put it on her once it was dry. That was the first day that my dog laid down on the porch and took a nap while I was working on the computer.

So, my friends, essential oils have proven their worth to me. If you are interested in trying them click here, or if you are interested in buying them at a wholesale price, please let me know! I highly recommend it and I promise that you won’t regret it!